Sojournstar Media


If you are tired of searching for PLR products only to find the license only allows you to sell as personal use, you have come to the right place!

My mission is to offer you White Label and Evergreen content you can use to build your business. When you find an item here marked PLR, you can be assured it is old school PLR, and can be repurposed and used with your brand with no worries.

We also create planners, journals, calendars, and coloring books to keep your daily life fun and organized. You will also find green and white content with PLR and other commercial uses. See the the commercial use Etsy shop at the link in the footer. 

I have purchased many items from Angela and the ColorMyAgenda shops and other markets she has sold from  and I am always happy. Thank you!

Melbourne, Australia

Great service, and very reasonable prices for products of such quality!  I was happy, and able to use the product easily and will be coming back again..

Erik Johnson
Los Angeles, California

Product quality is tops. Customer service is AMAZING, and responds quickly if there is an issue. I honestly can't recommend these products enough.

Amanda Mitchell
Lincoln, Virginia